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Effective leadership is about creating value for internal and external stakeholders. Despite how most development programs are structured (i.e. start with the person and their capabilities), developing effective leadership should be an ‘outside-in’ proposition. What this means in reality is that only once the organisational context and strategy are understood can the type of leadership required be understood – and subsequently the type of leadership development required. This creates the most potent form of leadership in service of an organisation’s strategy. Phillip’s leadership development programs have been described as transformative, impactful, relevant and pragmatic, and different to anything experienced previously. This is primarily because he does not subscribe to the same old rehashed leadership theory cast in 19th century thinking but still popular today. If you would like assistance with your own leadership or that of your organisation’s leadership, Phillip can support you through coaching, workshops, online training and action learning.

Culture Change

Culture Change

Culture change is a critical organisational activity that requires a holistic approach to make it successful. However, many culture change efforts fail to hit the mark, or if change is achieved, is not fully embedded.

Phillip has extensive experience in guiding organisations in creating high performing and healthy organisations, including the discovery phase, implementation, embedding and evaluation. He has the runs on the board. For example, after six years at ANZ in the Breakout Program, John Kotter was quoted as saying:

“Of the materials I use to help people learn about leadership and change, the Breakout case study may be the most important addition in the last decade.”
Professor John Kotter, Harvard Business School (2007)

Our Discovery Methodology draws on a wide range of techniques and processes including Deep Structured Interviews, small group dialogue, Appreciative Inquiry, Human Synergistics OCI/OEI; the Leadership Culture Survey (Leadership Circle); Barrett’s Culture Values Assessment and finally Network Mapping.

Change and Innovation

Change and Innovation

It could be argued that two of the biggest challenges facing organisations is innovating to create great solutions and then having the where-with-all to implement those solutions. Organisations that can do this have been called Game Changers and demonstrate two key disciplines: innovation and change. Yet we know these two disciplines are inherently difficult. (for example, see the Global Innovation Index from Cornell University, INSEAD & WIPO, 2015 which reveals that while Australia is ranked 10th on measures of inputs into innovation; it ranks only 24th on innovation outputs. This discrepancy implies a lack of capability in turning innovation inputs into outputs).

Game Changers are able to do both – innovation and change. They’re able to quickly generate and test numerous ideas and then lead the change effectively for rapid implementation to drive growth and results.

Our world class programs help managers drive innovation and navigate and lead change successfully.

Our Programs include:

ExperienceInnovation™ – an energizing workshop that challenges teams to flex their creativity to solve a realistic and complex design challenge. In so doing, they engage with the terms, techniques, and thought patterns of successful innovators. ExperienceInnovation™ was created in collaboration with IDEO, an award-winning global design firm that takes a human-centered design approach to helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow.

ExperienceChange™ is an expert-guided experience that teaches a best-practice model for managing change. Backed by over 20 years of change research and industry insights, the experience enables leaders and managers to practice leading change and engage with the behaviors, tools and skills sets that make change happen. ExperienceChange™ is the trusted tool for Fortune 500’s and the world’s leading business schools. It’s the cornerstone of change initiatives that transform, leadership programs that enable, and learning events that inspire.

ChangeSmart© has been designed to specifically address the challenges and opportunities inherent in leading change.

This innovative evidence-based program will teach you:

  • How to move beyond traditional the traditional ‘change management’ approach.
  • The underlying reasons change fails.
  • A robust methodology that can be applied flexibly to any project or initiative.
  • How to apply the methodology to your own real change project/initiative.
  • Become more self-aware of your own style of leading change.
  • How to use your authority constructively.
  • Key leadership skills to support meaningful change.

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Team Development

Team Development

The mythology surrounding teams – and what it takes to create and sustain high performing teams is alive and well. In rapidly changing times, the fundamentals around how organisations are structured and products and services are produced and delivered are being questioned.

Teams have moved beyond ‘we can achieve more together’ to something much more potent: ‘teams are critical to our success.’

Not just any teams though. Teams today need to be thoughtfully formed and structured; led-well and developed in the supporting (non-technical) capabilities needed to achieve outstanding success. For this to occur, teams need to allocate sufficient time and energy to high performance (achievement orientation) and health (dynamics).

Our innovative team development programs support leaders and teams to meet and exceed their strategic priorities, goals and targets through effective leadership and team processes. We use advanced discovery and facilitation processes to build capability and support the team to take control of their own destiny.
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