Phillip conducts a number of tailored in-house programs for his clients based on five core areas.

  • TeamSmart©


    Collaboration and ‘teaming’ is becoming more important than ever before as organisatons grapple with how to continually create value in the face of continuous change. The TeamSmart© Program supports teams to achieve higher levels of performance and team health. This program is designed for the entire team to attend and consists of a number of components:

    – Discovery Phase (where are we now and what do we want?)
    – Workshop + Follow Up Workshop (how are we going to get there?)
    – Coaching (what are the skills I need to contribute to the team? Optional for the team leader and/or all members of the team)
    – Support mechanisms (what are the things we need to put in place to ensure on-going success?)

    This program will:

    – Provide clarity on the current performance levels and health of the team.
    – Support the development of a roadmap to achieve your strategy.
    – Build increased levels of trust and stronger relationships in the team.
    – Develop the critical capabilities necessary for exemplary team performance.
    – Sharpen the focus on the behaviours and approach needed for long-term success.

  • LeadSmart©


    Our LeadSmart© Program starts first and foremost with each participant understanding the context their organisation operates in and therefore the type of leadership required. It moves beyond tired 20th century management and leadership theories and brings to life the realities of leadership and how to meet them head on! LeadSmart© is a modular program that draws on a vast library of cutting edge material and processes, meaning that there isn’t a protracted and expensive design phase. It also uses multiple learning channels including in-person, online and collaborative learning.

    LeadSmart© will teach you:

    – How to analyse and understand the context for your leadership (not a ‘one-size fits all approach).
    – How to own and use your authority constructively in service of the organisation’s mission and strategy.
    – Increased self-awareness as the foundation of your leadership. Core capabilities required to lead in the 21st century.
    – How to truly influence, mobile and empower stakeholders.
    – How to build resilience and manage your own energy.

  • ChangeSmart©


    ChangeSmart© has been designed to specifically address the challenges and opportunities inherent in leading change.

    This innovative evidence-based program will teach you:

    – How to move beyond traditional the traditional ‘change management’ approach.
    – The underlying reasons change fails.
    – A robust methodology that can be applied flexibly to any project or initiative.
    – How to apply the methodology to your own real change project/initiative.
    – Become more self-aware of your own style of leading change.
    – How to use your authority constructively.
    – Key leadership skills to support meaningful change.

  • DevelopSmart©


    DevelopSmart© is based on the soon-to-be-released book by the same name written by Phillip. The program helps address the age-old program about how to develop people effectively given the challenges and pressures on HR, the L&D function and managers.

    The program will teach you:

    – How to get clarity on what is important to develop in your people.
    – How to shift the emphasis from formal development to ‘everyday development’.
    – An methodology to consistently develop people.
    – Critical skills necessary to develop your stars and non-stars.
    – How to have the conversations that matter skillfully and with confidence.

  • CoachSmart©


    There is now a strong recognition that coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop and empower people while still achieving results. CoachSmart© provides a challenging, yet safe, high energy program that will transform the way you manage and lead. The program draws heavily on Phillip’s deep experience in coaching people in many different contexts and organisations as well as the personal learnings from a handful of people credited with being formative in the field.

    The program will teach you:

    – The difference and similarities between managing, leading, coaching, mentoring, counselling and performance conversations.
    – To fundamentally think differently about you manage, lead and develop those around you.
    – When and how to use a suite of tools and templates made available on the program.
    – How to use coaching to life performance by unblocking the things holding people back.
    – How to use the skills of coaching across many contexts to enhance your management and leadership effectiveness.

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