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At no time in the last two decades of supporting leaders and teams to become high performing and healthy (i.e. an enabling culture), have I found more people working harder, for longer and under more pressure to be all things to all people. I predict that we will soon reach a threshold of ‘enough is enough‘ but that may be the subject of another piece.

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Why You Had Better Pay Attention To Your Next Gen High Potentials

Just about every company places a lot of emphasis on keeping it’s people, particularly high performing individuals – and for good reason. High potential employees (affectionately called ‘HiPo’s’) can have a significant positive impact on business results. There are a myriad of approaches to developing high potentials, usually involving some type of nomination process and then a more longitudinal development program than usual for the company.

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How Leaders Kill Meaning At Work

Source: McKinsey article January 2012 by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer

As a senior executive, you may think you know what Job Number 1 is: developing a killer strategy. In fact, this is only Job 1a. You have a second, equally important task. Call it Job 1b: enabling the ongoing engagement and everyday progress of the people in the trenches of your organization who strive to execute that strategy. A multiyear research project whose results we described in our recent book, The Progress Principle,1 found that of all the events that can deeply engage people in their jobs, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work.

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Culture Change That Sticks

In the early 2000s Aetna was struggling mightily on all fronts. While on the surface revenues remained strong, its rapport with customers and physicians was rapidly eroding, and its reputation was being bludgeoned by lawsuits and a national backlash against health maintenance organizations and managed care (which Aetna had championed). To boot, the company was losing roughly $1 million a day, thanks to cumbersome processes and enormous overhead, as well as unwise acquisitions.

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